Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

1 Hit K O!

  1. Go into Ninja Saga and start mission
  2. Open Cheat Engine, Process firefox.exe
  3. Setting Tick (Hex, Array of bytes, ASROM)
  4. Scan "89065E5BC208003B7B54"
  5. 1 address should returned
  6. Right click the address then Select "Disassemble this memory region"
  7. Right click the Selected Code and then select "Toggle Break Point" or Press [F5]
  8. Go back in Ninja Saga and then hit your enemy, (The browser will now freeze)
  9. Go back in CE then Click "Debug" > "Run" 1 time only
  10. At the right side is the Register panel. Double click the EAX and change the value to "0
  11. Now right click the Selected Line code and Select "Toggle Break Point" > "Debug" > "Run" (to unfreeze the game)
  12. Now your enemy is dead (-;
  13. Repeat these Steps when you in Battle, Have Fun!

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